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AquaOx Water Filter Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

We know the struggle to find the best filtration system for your home is real. From the health concern regarding safe water consumption to the ever-tiring ordeal of repurchase and replacements of carbon water filters; there has to be a convenient and low-maintenance water filter option. Right! The good news is, we've got our hands on the AquaOx water filter system.

aquaox water filter

Especially with the continuous advancements in the water filtration technology, it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right whole house water filter brand. To ease things a bit, we’ve come up with a detailed AquaOx water filter review. Let’s get started!

Quick AquaOx Whole House Water Filter Review


  • Extensive water filtration: 7-stage filtration in a single tank

  • Requires no maintenance: self-cleaning water filtration system

  • Long Shelf Life of 20 years

  • Easy Installation process

  • Available in 2 different sizes: Regular and Extra Large


  • Highly-priced water filtration system

  • Fluoride remains in the filtered water

  • The alkalinity isn’t increased after filtration

  • Warranty becomes non-transferable after 3 years

Why Is The AquaOx Water Filtration System The Best?

We’ve reviewed many water filtration systems based on their toxin removal potential, capacity, maintenance, and installation methods only to find the AquaOx as the best so far. Here’s why!

Removal of Toxins

This state-of-the-art technology features 7-stages of water purification to get rid of all the harmful substances. Even if your water provider ensures a bacteria-free water input, it’s always wise to additionally remove contaminants like dirt, chlorine, and heavy metals to protect your health, appliances, and plumbing lines. The good news is AquaOx whole house water filter removes 99% of chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury, solvents, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and dirt particles from your water.

Self-Cleaning Filters

The self-cleaning filter technology makes AquaOx filters the most reliable in terms of time and money. You won’t find yourself replacing the filters after every few months, as the automated backwash (which occurs after every 4 days) in AquaOx filters will make sure your filter is clean and bacteria-free.

AquaOx Water Filter Lifespan

In comparison to the lifespan of whole water filters in the market, water filters are 2.4 times better with around 20-years of lifetime operation and a solid 10-year warranty. Oh, and wait! You are also getting a 12-months performance guarantee that ensures a complete money-back as well.

Incredibly High Flow Rate

Interestingly, the AquaOx whole house water filter is capable of purifying water at the flow rate of 15 gallons per minute. This flow rate is by far the highest compared to other water filter brands. It’s a relief for large families as they don't have to worry about the pressure drops while multiple people are using water faucets.

Super Easy Installation

The cherry on the top is none other than the easy unit installation. The AquaOx water filter requires only a little space. That said, your garage or basement is ideal for this single-tank unit where it needs to be integrated with the main water line to your house.

Types of AquaOx Water Filters

The AquaOx whole house water filter comes in two sizes to cater to different family capacities. The regular size comes with a 15 GPM and is capable of covering property with 1 to 4 bathrooms. The XL size offers an industrial flow rate of 35+ GPM with a capacity to cover 4.5+ bathrooms.

Top-Notch Customer Service

While reviewing the AquaOx water filter, it would be a sheer injustice if we don’t mention the dedication the AquaOx team put towards their customer support. From answering general queries to helping in the filter installation, all is covered seamlessly with the click of a button. If you plan to call their representatives, they’ll not put you in long waiting lines, unlike many brands. Quite impressive, right!

What's Special About The AquaOx 7-Stage Filtration?

AquaOx water filters are equipped with 7-stage filtration technology, ensuring the removal of a myriad of pollutants. And that being enclosed in single water purifying tank. Each of the seven AquaOx filters is differently designed catering to the elimination of different toxin types. Let’s have a better look at this innovation!

  • Pre-Sediment Filter: Designed to get rid of dust and dirt particles from the drinking water.

  • KDF 55 Filter: Primarily removes toxic heavy metals from water including mercury, and lead. It also prevents the limescale from building up. On top of that, this stage controls the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold.

  • KDF 85 Filter: Removes the foul-smelling Hydrogen sulfide( H₂S) from water.

  • Garnet Filter: Made from a high-density alumina-silica bed, garnet filters out any fine particle and assists the pre-sedimentation stage.

  • Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon Filter: Responsible for eliminating Chlorine, Chloramine, Hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic compounds.

  • Activated coconut shell carbon Filter: Like other carbon filters, it also removes Chlorine, solvents, volatile organic compounds, and Hydrogen sulfide.

  • Filter AG: Removes turbidity from water, resulting in smooth water pressure to your faucets.

Wrapping Up!

AquaOx whole house water filter is an innovative, state-of-the-art, and self-sustaining system with multiple layers of filtration. The removal of lethal heavy metals like mercury and lead remains the most promising feature of this system. You don’t have to maintain the filters as they'll thoroughly clean themselves via the frequent back-washings that’ll be expected to continue for roughly 20 years.

You’ll also be getting softer skin, smooth hair, and lesser external allergies coupled with fresh-tasting and contaminant-free water as indicated by many AquaOx water filter reviews on the internet.

The downside of this water filter system lies in its above-average initial cost compared to other filters. However, the fact that its operational cost is nothing considering the jumbo lifespan, makes it a lot less expensive. After all, what’s more important than the health of our family, and that a part of it reflects through the water we consume daily.

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