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5 Best Water Filter Pitchers & Reviews 2021

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Are you tired of impurities and bacteria in your drinking water? If your answer is yes, no doubt you’re at the right place! We are going to talk about best water filter pitchers.

Although potable water is filtered and chlorinated, it can incorporate impurities. Including heavy metals, odors, and dirt while it reaches your tap. This happens due to weary and unmaintained plumbing systems through which water travels.

To save ourselves from impure drinking water, most of us prefer bottled water. But it has a major drawback: It produces a lot of plastic waste annually. Besides, there’s a lot of controversy regarding microplastics, BPA, and other toxins that can be present in bottled water.

Having said that, the safest, healthiest, and eco-friendly option left to us are water filters. The most convenient of them are water filter pitchers, especially for home and office use.

No more compromising on your health as I’ve come up with a list of water filter pitchers to bring you pure, and fresh-tasting water.

Now let’s get started!

5 Best Water Filter Pitchers of 2021

​Sr. No.


Product details



Brita Metro Water Filter Pitcher

Small 50-ounce capacity. Removes chlorine and toxic metals LED-Indicator for filter replacement coffee water filter pitcher



Brita Large Water Pitcher

Large 70-ounce capacity. 99% lead-removal easy water refilling-lasting pitcherSticker-filter indicator



ZeroWater large water filter pitcher

Big 77-ounce capacity. Nsf-certified water filter pitcherBuilt-in water quality meter Quality 5-stage filtration Removes 99.6% impurities



ZeroWater 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

47-ounce small capacity. BPA-free and NSF-certified TDS meter for water quality Fits in mini-refrigerator Ion-exchange filtration tec



Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

60-ounce reasonable capacity. Aesthetic design Long-lasting filterSpeedy refill BPA-free material NSF-certified



  • Easily fits in mini-refrigerators

  • BPA-free body

  • Removes chlorine and heavy metals

  • LED-Indicator for filter replacement

  • Coffee water filter pitcher

  • Fresh tasting water


  • Small capacity

  • Doesn’t remove all Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

  • The lid is a bit tacky to on/off

  • Short filter life-span

If you’re looking for a small-sized, and efficient water filter pitcher, the Brita metro pitcher is the best option you can find.

It can hold up to 5 cups of water and doesn't occupy much space(Height 9.8 inches; Width 4.45 inches; Depth 9.37 inches). It can fit best for your home and mini-refrigerator.

If you’re a health freak, this could be a perfect water purifier pitcher for you as it removes most of the toxic pollutants. And that without removing fluoride-an important nutrient for preventing 25% tooth decay.

And the best part of this small water filter pitcher lies in its BPA-free plastic body. A win-win product for your health!

A unique feature of this pitcher is the built-in LED indicator, which lets you know when the filter needs replacing. You need to replace the filter of this pitcher only after 2 months, and it’d be good as new!

As far as the taste is concerned, this water pitcher shows 5-star reviews on the pure and refreshing water taste.

If you're a coffee lover like me, this is one of the best water filter pitchers for coffee. Filtered water can prevent the scaling problem of your coffee machine.

As per the customer reviews, you might find it a bit hard to uncover the lid every time for water refills. Overall, this water pitcher wins the maximum customer satisfaction among others.


  • Family-sized pitcher

  • 99% lead-removal

  • Easy water refill

  • Long-lasting pitcher

  • BPA-free pitcher

  • Sticker-filter indicator


  • Doesn’t fit in the refrigerator

  • The filter requires frequent replacement

No doubt, Brita has gained a lot of popularity because of its fine-quality water filtering products. And let me tell you, their water pitchers are one of them!

Like most of their models, this one is also a BPA-free water pitcher. That’s some good news, right!

If you have a big family, you can rely on Brita's everyday water filter pitchers. It can hold up to ten cups of water with size dimensions: Height 10.47\"; Width 5.59\"; Depth 10.94\".

The best feature I found in this pitcher is its ability to remove 99% of impurities including Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Asbestos, Chlorine, etc.

Moreover, the filtered water tastes fresh, neutral, and pure. You can experience a change in the taste if the filter needs replacement.

Now let’s talk about the filter. Although it's marketed as having a long-lasting filter to stand for 6 months. But for some customers, It only lasts for 2 months or so. Again, it's not a big deal as an average water pitcher filter needs to be replaced after every two months.

Another great feature is the sticker filter indicator. This would tell you whenever it's time for replacing the pitcher filter.

For the price, this water pitcher might be a bit expensive, especially if we compare other pitchers on the market. But it provides value for your money!


  • Nsf-certified water filter pitcher

  • Built-in water quality meter

  • Sizable pitcher

  • Quality 5-stage filtration

  • Removes 99.6% impurities


  • Small filter-life

  • Cheap built quality

If you’re looking for an excellent home water filtering system, Zero water purifier pitchers can serve the purpose.

This water pitcher comes with a 5-stage filtration system capable of removing lead, chromium, fluoride, and other metals. The filtration technology is the advanced ion-exchange tech rather than the common carbon filters.

Let me tell you the best part, It comes with a built-in water quality meter. So, you can measure the total dissolved solids in your water and evaluate the filtering performance yourself. That’s cool, right!

As per some of the customer reviews, the pitcher body is not compatible with the efficient filter inside.

But it's made up of BPA-free plastic which pretty much covers the not-so-compatible pitcher body.

This Zero Water filter pitcher is an NSF-certified pitcher for removing lead, and chromium from your tap water. After all, what's better than a quality product!

You can easily put it into your fridge, as it comes with a space-efficient design. As far as the price is concerned, you might find it expensive. Not specifically the whole pitcher rather due to the frequent changing of filters.

But the 5-stage powerful filtration speaks for itself! And much better than the other popular water filter pitcher brands in the market.


  • BPA-free and NSF-certified

  • TDS meter tells you water quality

  • Fits in mini-refrigerator

  • Ion-exchange filtration tech


  • Low filter-life

  • Bad-tasting water if the filter isn’t replaced timely

  • Expensive filters

The next water pitcher on my list is another Zerowater filter pitcher. This one is best suitable for a small family or singular use. It comes with an ideal capacity of up to 6 cups and you can put it into your fridge quite easily.

This small water filter pitcher also comes with a TDS meter installed over it. So that you can keep an eye on the water quality you're taking in. Also indicates the filter replacement time, which is when your meter reads 006 ppm.

The filter also uses advanced ion-exchange technology, so I can say the quality of the filter can fit best to your health standards. That's because this zero water purifier pitcher is NSF-certified. It efficiently removes lead and other harmful metals from your drinking water.

Now let’s talk about the taste. Without exaggeration, it tastes delicious and pure as per the reviews of the majority of its users.

The only downside of this small water filter pitcher is the frequent filter replacement. If you don’t replace the filter on time, your water smell like fish and citrus!

Again, the price for this pitcher is affordable. But if you’re buying the replacement filters every two weeks, the costs can get higher!


  • Reasonable size

  • Aesthetic design

  • Long-lasting filter

  • Speedy refill

  • BPA-free material

  • NSF-certified


  • Refilling time is higher

  • Refill opening is a bit tricky

  • Don't remove fluoride

If you’re looking for a reasonably sized and cheaply priced pitcher, have a look at this Nakii water filter pitcher. This pitcher comes with an advanced activated carbon filter, removing 98% of heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria.

If you're more of an aesthete, you’ll love Its sleek, minimalist, and elegant design. The taste of the filtered water is remarkably fresh, and delicious! Coffee lovers alert! It's also one of the best water filter pitchers for coffee!

It can easily come into your refrigerator’s door. Most surprisingly, it’s lightweight and easy to carry, unlike most water pitcher models.

The best thing about this filter lies in its long-lasting capacity. Yeah! Its lifespan is four times the Brita, Zero water, and PUR filters. Moreover, It's an NSF and WQA-certified filter pitcher. It can remove a long list of contaminants with supreme efficiency.

If your tap water brings in a lot of chlorine odor and taste, this product can serve as the best water purifier pitcher for chlorine. Besides, this long-lasting filter pitcher is quite speedy compared to its competitors. You’ll get your tap water filtered within a few minutes.

The only downside of this pitcher is the refilling difficulty. That’s because sometimes the auto refill opening doesn’t open and results in water spilling. Since the spill’s on your sink, so it's not a big deal for a lot of customers.

In short, this long-lasting water filter pitcher is so far the best as per its quality and price.


If you’re finding it hard to select the best water pitcher for yourself, don't worry! I’ve answered some of your queries so that you can get the best pitcher for yourself!

Which is the best water filter pitcher brand?

Honestly, there are many top brands like Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Aquagear, Invigorated, etc. No doubt, they provide you with the best quality drinking water but their frequent filter replacement gets on my nerves. That’s why my top pick is the Nakii water filter pitcher. The reason being, it doesn’t require maintenance for months.

Besides, it's NSF-certified for removing chlorine, lead, mercury, odors, and other chemicals. The filtration timespan is also quick and it's easy on your wallet. The best water pitcher for all the busy bees out there!

water filter pitchers

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

Brita water filter pitchers are known to have maximum removal efficiency for contaminants. They can remove around 99% of lead, mercury, chromium, copper, asbestos, benzene, chlorine, rust, sediments, bad taste, and smells from your drinking water.

So Brita’s overall performance is at the top. But there are close competitors like ZeroWater, PUR, Nakii, and Aquagear, etc which are also leading water filter brands. They can remove the contaminants in water up to 98%.

Wrapping up

Water filter pitchers are no doubt an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to the other water purification methods available.

They do need timely maintenance and refill, but they are worth it!

I’ve tried to keep the list short and provide you with the top-rated water filter pitchers. So which one do you like the most?

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