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On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener Detailed Review

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Are you an adventurer who likes to roam in his RV? Or perhaps you like to sail through the majestic waters in your boat?

Or maybe you own a little cozy house that might need a reliable yet portable water softener?

Since you’ve made it into reading this review, we assume you are searching for a quality water softener that’s portable and travel-friendly while being easy on your pocket?

Well, if your answer is a yes, you are at the right place!

After witnessing a lot of appraisals for On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener, we decided to review it ourselves to confirm all that hype. So, let’s get started with the detailed review that’ll help you decide if this RV Water Softener On The Go better suits your needs, or perhaps some other one will do the trick for you!

On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener: Detailed Review


  • Easy installation and operation

  • Compact Design

  • Lightweight

  • Quick regeneration using common salt

  • Doesn’t require electricity

  • Wide opening for salt inlet

  • Easily connects to hoses with a 360° swivel head

  • Includes hardness test strips


  • Has to be disconnected from the vehicle for regeneration

  • No inbuilt indicator to keep a check on regeneration requirements

  • Doesn’t have a sediment filter

  • The shut-off valve is made of plastic

On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener

On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener Key Features

1.Compact Design and Portable

OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener is specifically designed to be used in RVs and boating fraternities. It’s easy to carry with 18 lbs of weight and it’s in-build carry-handles. Its sleek and compact design saves a lot of valuable space with its 7.0" length, 7.3" height, and 24.25" width.

2. Simple Assemblage and usage

It doesn’t require any tools to assemble, operate or regenerate the RV Water Softener On The Go. You just have to connect your water hoses with the softener’s faucet to make it function.

The best part is, it comes with pre-charged salt so you don’t have to add the salt till 20-30 days of use. However, you’d be required to carry out backflushing after every three months.

3. 360° Swivel Head

The 360° swivel head helps with connecting and disconnecting the hose without having to turn the softener. Apart from this, the travel cap and plug come in handy during traveling to minimize spills.

4. Large Mouth for easy operation

Unlike many water softeners, this RV portable water softener comes with a wide opening for the seamless pouring of salt during each regeneration cycle. The back-flush adapter comes in handy whenever the reverse connection is required.

5. Water Capacity and Pressure

This On The Go OTG3NTP3M portable 8,000 grain water softener can produce 320 to 800 gallons of soft water before being regenerated again. It ensures high flow rates with minimal pressure drop. The inlet high-flow control valve is helpful in slow rinsing which ultimately improves the water quality and capacity.

6. Easy and Budget-Friendly Regeneration

This RV Water Softener On The Go is easily regenerated with a box of table salt within the time frame of 15 minutes. After each regeneration, the softener will continue to provide soft water for up to 20 days, after which another regeneration is required. However, this time frame is dependent on the quality of water and water usage.

For example, the less water you use, you might require regeneration of the softener after 30 days or more. Similarly, the less hard your water is, the softener will take longer to reach another regeneration cycle.

Hardness test strips are provided along this device to manually test for the hardness of water and determine if it needs regeneration until you figure out the average regeneration interval.

In every way, this On The Go portable water softener is budget-friendly compared to other models in the market, particularly, as it relies on common table salt for regeneration and doesn’t consume electricity.


Does this unit recharge with table salt?

Yes, On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener just requires a box of table salt for each regeneration. One recharge can last about 20 days and 800 gallons of water usage.

Would this work for an apartment?

Although you can use this softener for your apartment, it’ll require a lot of effort, and amendments to your plumbing lines. Since it's designed to be used in RVs and boats, it uses garden hose fittings that are unlikely to be found in apartments. Moreover, it’s a small unit that requires recharging every 800 gallons of water utilization. So it would be impractical to use it for apartments.

Will this help to keep the hot-water heater element cleaner?

Yes, it will keep the water heater element as well as your home appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher cleaner safe from corrosion. That’s because a water softener minimizes the calcium content of your water that will ultimately lower the buildup of scale or corrosion throughout the water system.

Can this unit be positioned outside for a "city water" hookup to feed the trailer with soft water?

Yes, you can safely place it outside your trailer as it’s designed to be hooked up between the city water and your trailer or RV’s water supply.

What comes with the OTG3NTP3M RV water softener On The Go?

On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener includes hardness test strips, inlet high-flow shut-off valve, inlet/outlet storage caps, caring handle, inlet/outlet hose adapters, back-flush adapters, a full cradle base, and a 4'' drinking water hose.


After closely examining the components of On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener, it is safe to say that it’s a reasonable option for the owners of RVs, boats, hot tubs, spas, and even small houses.

Using this softener, you’d not only remove scale but also get rid of corrosion, dirt, and paint from your water supply.

Its compact design, stability, and easy regeneration speak of an ideal RV portable water softener that can be used whenever required, especially during traveling, using hot tubs, and boating.

Easy and tool-free installation, operation, and maintenance add to its worthy features. Not to mention the considerably low-cost one has to pay to get this softener as compared to other units in the market.

Among its many features, the one that caught our attention is its electricity-free operation. Yes! It doesn’t include any electrical component nor does it require electricity at all.

Last but not the least, if you’re an RV enthusiast and need a calcium-free water supply without spending too much, On The Go OTG3NTP3M Portable Water Softener has all that you are looking for!

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