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Yarna Water Softener Reviews

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Do you feel your hair and skin have recently started to feel itchy and dry? Do your dishes and faucets contain watermarks, and do your clothes fade too quickly? If your reaction to all these questions is yes, you might be suffering from the consequences of hard water. The good news is, today we can find many water softening tools and devices to overcome the issue of hard water, and the Yarna water softener is no exception. We present you reliable Yarna water softener reviews to unfold its various features, understand how it works, and why it can turn out to be a lifesaver!

Quick Yarna Water Softener Reviews


  • Prevention and reduction of the limescale buildup in pipes

  • Increased durability of electric appliances

  • Reduce heating expenditures

  • Yarna electronic water softener & descaler doesn't deplete the water's essential minerals

  • Efficiently reduces scum in sinks and bathtubs

  • Cost-effective when compared to other water softeners

  • Requires minimal maintenance as filters don't need to be changed, and brine tanks don't need to be replaced.


  • If the main power goes out, it will stop functioning until it is restored

  • Based on your water hardness, observing desired results may take some time

What Is A Water Softener?

A water softener is a filtering device that removes excessive calcium and magnesium concentrations that cause hard water. When water goes through a water softening system, the hard water minerals are either extracted out or chemically altered, resulting in the flow of softened water through the plumbing system. Yarna water softener works on the same principle, but what makes it different from others? Let’s find out!

Why Is It Important To Use Water Softener?

The key problem in our home plumbing systems lies in the buildup of hard minerals like calcium and Magnesium that are naturally present in water. Since these minerals do not dissolve in water, they accumulate on the inside lining of the water pipes with time; this process is called scaling.

The area beneath this scale is more prone to corrosion (if metal pipes are installed) which puts the electrical appliances using direct water like washing machines, dishwashers, etc at greater risk of operational failure.

Besides, the hard mineral buildup of yellowish-brown color at your shower head, inside the toilet bowl, and around the sink drain is considered a nuisance created by hard water flowing in your house’s plumbing lines. Not to mention, your skin and hair along with your clothes are directly impacted by hard water.

Luckily, these issues are minimized if you have a decent water softener and descaler installed in connection to the plumbing lines.

How Does Yarna Electronic Water Softener Works?

Yarna water softener works on the cathodic protection concept, which protects the water pipes from limescale by making them act as the electrical cathode.

It accomplishes this by transmitting capacitive electrical impulses via the pipe. These signals directly impact how minerals behave, which in this case, minerals are kept away from bonding and building up inside the pipe, resulting in the prevention of limescale formation, and that without the use of any chemicals or modifying the water itself.

That's how Yarna water softener successfully plays its part in taking great care of your plumbing pipes.

Key Features of Yarna Water Softener

From it’s capacitive effect to ABS plastic, The Yarna water softener has all the specs to eliminate all of your hard water problems. Following are some of the cool features provided by Yarna.


The ULTRA FLAT IMPULSE BANDS wrapped around the pipe transmit the signal frequencies. By converting the mineral's molecular structure into the linear structure, this feature of the Yarna electronic water softener inhibits new material from accumulating and eliminates the existing buildup of scale.

2. Capacitive Effect

The intense electric waves shatter the calcium crystals and turn them into ions when the water passes through the treated region (beneath the two impulse coils).

3. 24 Volts And A PCB Chip

Electric impulses are created in the electronic device and controlled by a programmed microchip. A PCB is a non-conducting board that links electronic components, such as discrete semiconductors or passive devices, such as capacitors, resistors and inductors, to form an electrical circuit. It uses conducting copper rails which helps to clean the water efficiently.

4. Operates With All Types Of Pipes

If you are worried if the Yarna water softener will work for your pipe or not, then take a deep breath. It works with any pipe type, including copper, iron, stainless steel, PVC, plastic, PE-X, compound pipes, etc. However, the pipe should be up to 1" thick in diameter.

5. ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is resistant to physical and chemical corrosion, allowing the Yarna electronic water softener to tolerate intensive use and harsh climatic conditions.

6. A Single Device For The Entire House (Small House)

To protect your appliances from the dangerous consequences of hard water, the installment of a single Yarna water softener unit is quite enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this entire article, some questions might pop up in your head. Following are some of the frequently asked questions:

I. Does Yarna work with a variety of pipe materials?

All pipe materials are compatible with YARNA, including iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, PE-X, composite pipes (any material composition), and so on.

II. How is Yarna electronic water softener cost-effective?

As calcium carbonate develops on your boiler's heating element, it takes more energy to heat the water. Clogged pipes may hinder the flow of hot water. Yarna will dissolve the deposits over time and prevent new ones from accumulating, resulting in less energy usage. This feature makes it cost-effective for its users.


While you can't control the type of water that enters your house, you can adjust your plumbing system with Yarna electronic water softener & descaler to prevent the buildup of calcium inside the pipes that can otherwise put your expensive electric appliances at high risk!

Unlike other water softeners, Yarna water softener does not deplete essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water that are beneficial for our diet. The best part is, it’s super affordable compared to Yarna alternative water softeners. We are positive that our Yarna electronic water softener reviews will help you find the best water descaler for your plumbing system without compromising your health and pocket.

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